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Sarthak Orthopedic Hospital was started in Feb. 2001 as a dedicated centre for Orthopedic and Arthroscopic Surgeries. The hospital has received the Best Nursing Home award from Ahmedabad Medical Association.

Dr. Satish Patel specializes in difficult primary and revision Joint Replacement Surgeries. He has had specific training for these over the years. He is a visiting specialist surgeon at various centers in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The workload at the hospital has steadily increased since its inception and is an acknowledged centre of excellence. The operation theatre has a Class 100 Laminar Airflow System. The latest equipments are available for orthopedic and Shoulder Arthroscopies...

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Dr. Satish Patel

Our Treatments

Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

Shoulder Arthroscopy is now a single of the widespread techniques at Arthroscopy Surgical treatment clinic. The Shoulder joint is one...

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee arthroscopy is surgery that is done using a tiny camera (called arthroscope) which is inserted through a small cut into your knee...

Total Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the painful hip joint with an artificial hip joint.The hip joint is located where the upper...

Total Knee Replacement

The knee comprises the joint between the femur and the tibia but also the joint between the patella and the front of the femur...

Comp. Assisted Total Knee Repl.

Computer-assisted total knee replacement is a fairly new procedure and is technically demanding for the surgeon...

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Sarthak Orthopedic Hospital
Sarthak Orthopedic Hospital has received the Best Nursing Home award from Ahmedabad Medical Association. The Operation Theatre has a Class 100 Laminar Airflow System.

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